«Kaftani»… like summer mood!

Anastasia and Katerina are the people behind the meticulous fabrics and special materials. They are… the “beginning” and the “continuity” of an idea which loves the woman of Spring, the woman of Summer. Completing the two-year preparations and summarizing the requirements of such activity, gathering inspirations, thoughts and experience… the small Atelier came in Oraiokastro –Thessaloniki- in January 2014. Now, the new website, www.kaftani.dev, comes to serve even more people, to be in line with the times, to imprint the aesthetics of Atelier and show the evolution of a really special work. We will meet… selected pieces, original raw materials, the product in the most festive form, as all the things which are handmade. Consequently, we will enter into the concept of the female «Kaftani» step by step. Soon Anastasia and Katerina will activate the e-shop of “Kaftani” for even greater contact with customers all over the world.

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