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Strongly influenced by the aesthetics of summer and inspired by the oriental long kaftans in combination with our love for fashion and the need for elegant and special summer clothes, living in a country characterized by the sea and sun, were the reasons behind the idea of Kaftani clothes.

The company was founded in 2015 in Greece, where all our business processes take place.

Our main goal is the ethical production of premium resort wear collections of excellent quality and timeless designs. All of our products are crafted with fabrics made from fine, natural yarns and with an obsessive attention to detail. One of the most important priorities to us, is for our clients to be completely aware of the clothes’ origin and quality.

We would like to share with you a kind of clothing that stands out, while having a timeless aesthetic identity regardless of fashion trends.To give you you a strong, yet ethereal flare while also making you look well dressed and feeling comfortable.


“kaftan” n. Persian. A Middle Eastern variant of robe. This is how our story begins…

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An elegant and timeless ode to summer

Our collections are inspired by everything that surrounds us, everything that we love, such as arts, travels, folklore tradition and nature. They are consisted of exuberant pieces, characterized by their impressive embroideries and other handmade decorations, their unique multicoloured patterns as as well as classy monochromes designs.They are addressed to a wide range of body types and ages, they are worn comfortably throughout the day and as points of statement of your outfit over the years.

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We design and produce delicate, slowmade clothing of excellent quality

The attention, devotion and consistency towards products and services are unlimited. As a company with a strong ecological awareness, we are supporters of sustainable otherwise “slow” fashion and  a fair and legal trade. Slow made pieces, by local artisans whose techniques are passed down through generations, in your hands.

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All, are our muses

Our designs are created with no limits, for anyone that wishes to wear them. They are intended for all those who want to invest in comfort, quality, elegance and timelessness. Additionally, we strive for continuous development of our work, focusing on ethical integrity towards our customers, our partners and the environment, with the ultimate goal of our recognition through your trust. 

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